Taiguara Alves Giannotti was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1970. He moved to Pisa, Italy in 1989 where he currently lives and works. Graduated at Lucca Fine Art College (Italy), he started his artistic research as a self-taught artist by creating sculptures made of recycled metal objects, which he chooses as his first expressive medium. Later on, he continues with his experimental research through sculpture, but he also opens up to other media such as installation, scenography, video and photography. His artwork is then exhibited nationally and internationally; namely, he participates in solo and collective exhibitions which are presented either in self-managed or private spaces, as well as larger exhibits such as the Biennale dei Giovani Artisti Italiani (Young Italian Artists Biennial). Among his latest experiences abroad, it is worth remembering his art residency at Ifitry, Morocco, where the artist produces selected works for the Casablanca Biennial 2014.